Treatment Philosophy

Christopher Kaeppner, Ph.D.


(Click here for information about my Child Treatment Philosophy.)

It is very exciting time to be a psychologist! Brain imaging work has confirmed that people can actually modify the structure and function of key areas in the brain responsible for regulating emotions Ė just through talk therapy and "Mindfulness" practice.

Our brains are built to connect to others. In fact, connecting to another in therapy initiates the brainís healing process. Accordingly, I work to establish a trusting relationship that allows the client to feel safe and comfortable.

I also encourage clients to practice mindfulness exercises. This allows them to better organize and learn from emotional experiences. As clients can notice and describe how their body and brain react, they can literally modify those reactions over time.

Recent research has confirmed that as we deepen our awareness of ourselves, we are better able to respond flexibly to challenges, to manage our bodyís reaction to stress, and to improve our sense of well-being and connection to others.

My work with individual adults usually begins with an assessment of current symptoms and a discussion of the therapy process. Initial work tends to be a bit more directive than later work. I try to teach coping mechanisms early to provide initial relief of current stress. As clients improve, they often wish to continue work to deepen their understanding of their story and their relationships.

I feel privileged to do this work, and try to balance my confidence as a therapist with a humble appreciation of the uniqueness of each personís story.