Adult Therapy

Creating a Space to Heal

Powerful modality for changing the brain

There is a ton of evidence that therapy can be life and brain changing. Literally. Brain scans and quality of life assessments show resounding evidence that therapy works.

Building Trust for Healing

Our brains are naturally wired to connect with others. In therapy, this connection kickstarts our brain's natural healing process. My goal is to create a safe, trusting space where you can feel comfortable sharing and healing.

adult therapy creating a space to heal
adult therapy creating a space to heal

Making Some Sense

A Shared Challenge

A challenge we all share is finding a way to organize it all. Some rubric that clicks with our thoughts, feelings, and intention to grow.

Perhaps the best choice is the one that yields the most fruit. So what are you looking for? What does “Mental Health” look like?

Understandably, many are led to seek therapy for themselves or their children because of challenging feelings, thoughts and behavior. Our culture promotes the idea that feeling, thinking and behaving “better” is the goal. Of course that makes sense. However, the idea of “getting rid of” or “stopping” unwanted experience is akin to trying to not think about a white elephant. The more you wish something away the more it persists and the more desperate or severe the attempts to suppress become.

adult therapy making some sense
adult therapy making some sense

Internal Family Systems

Turning towards our experience

Many traditions encourage us to turn toward our distress, to learn about it, and to provide a means of accepting it. Internal Family Systems (IFS) suggests that learning about our inner systems and using part language allows us a space to experience, understand, and even heal with natural resources that are already in us... but blocked. The therapy is intended to help us recapture our potential to connect to these natural resources or Self. Our systems respond to the process with increased flexibility, insight, and self-compassion. Similarly, we are able to approach other people and systems with more ease, understanding, and confidence.

adult therapy internal family systems
adult therapy internal family systems

Leaning into What's Happening Now

Discovering Emotional Insight

What if therapy is an experiment in looking for something that makes sense and is comforting? There's a lot that gets in the way of that.

Noticing what's happening inside is a form of mindfulness: Following your breathing, focusing on sounds, and just labeling physical experiences. Over time, you can track your body and your mind and understand and learn from your body and emotions. You can update old activation patterns with new information and the reactions will soften.

Responding to Challenges

Enchanced self-awareness is so worth it, but asks alot of you. It empowers you to respond flexibly to life's challenges, manage stress, and boost your overall well-being. It's a journey of self-discovery and the opportunity for improved connections with others.

adult therapy leaning into what's happening now
adult therapy leaning into what's happening now

From Organization to Connection

Why It’s Helpful

Anger, fear, joy and sadness are all rich experiences that visit us as we go through this. Maybe there’s room for it all. Let's find ways to allow these experiences and follow their movement within our body, mind, and system.

They can be felt and savored. They can be endured and accepted. They can be connecting and understood.

Developing a perspective that synchronizes with our felt experience generates energy within and between us. It becomes a welcoming space that becomes easier to find as we visit. An expedition that beats a pathway to our true selves, a growing expanse within that allows for an experience of connectedness to others, to our surroundings, and to the Universe.

Whatever this is, you are part of it. As complex as it is, so are you

adult therapy from organization to connection
adult therapy from organization to connection

Our Opportunity to Grow and Live Fully

Refining Our Awareness in Therapy

Is consciousness a gift or a curse? Yes.

It’s a chance to experience, to wonder, and wander. To create and to end. How do we equip ourselves to manage the time we have with all the uncertainty of being here? Here are some ideas.

Your body is like a tuning fork that has been struck. You are vibrating with life and able to resonate with feelings and intuition. Learn to feel it all from a center of awareness. Lean into the moment with curiosity. Accept it completely. Fail regularly and try again.

Therapy can be a sanctuary, laboratory and playground: a place to relax, experiment, and enjoy. Creating a trusting relationship is like moving a struggling plant into a nurturing environment. Providing regular cycles of light, nutrients, and warmth energizes the plant’s own systemic resources to grow, to heal, and produce. Perhaps a good enough therapist is like the patient gardener. He knows how to co-create and maintain a good space for the client’s own natural resources to flourish.

adult therapy our opportunity to grow and live fully
adult therapy our opportunity to grow and live fully




Focus Areas

The Power of Mindfulness
and Talk Therapy

Mindfulness for
Emotional Clarity

Adult Therapy

Reimagine your emotional well-being with the transformative synergy of mindfulness and talk therapy.

Embrace emotional clarity through mindfulness—a journey to inner wisdom and resilience.

Your personalized path to growth and understanding in a safe, supportive therapy space.


Anxiety disorder manifests in feelings of fear, dread, and uneasiness, accompanied by sweatiness, restlessness, tension, and rapid heartbeat.

While anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, people who suffer from anxiety disorder may find the physical and mental symptoms overwhelming to the extent that they can't manage their life day-to-day.

When should I call?

Your anxiety affects your daily life.

Your health is suffering from repeat anxiety attacks.

You're unable to talk to your loved ones about your anxiety.

You want to understand what causes your anxiety.

● You want to learn how to control your anxiety better.


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