Policies & Forms

Preparing for our First Meeting

Dr. Kaeppner is currently accepting new patients, both adults and children. His office is located in Anderson Township, easily accessible from I-275. Leave a message on his confidential voicemail at 513-313-7661, and he will contact you to schedule a time that is mutually convenient. During your first few sessions you will discuss what issue(s) prompted you to call, and goals for your treatment. If you must cancel an appointment, please allow 48-hours notice so that another patient may be scheduled in your timeslot.

Fees are $200 per hour. Dr. Kaeppner is only accepting private pay clients. Clients who wish to use insurance can check with their insurance company to see if they have out-of-network benefits. Your treatment can also be funded by your flexible spending account or HSA.

Preparing for our first meeting
Preparing for our first meeting

Downloadable Forms

To make the most of our time together, please take the time to complete and then print the following forms prior to our first meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 513-313-7661, or email me at chris@chriskaeppner.com.

downloadable forms
downloadable forms

The confidentiality clauses in the HIPAA Form and the Consent for Treatment are governed by Federal and Ohio law and apply to all psychotherapists. Your privacy and security are very important to me. I will protect your confidentiality and discuss this further with you at our first consultation.

Evaluations & Reports

When you come for our first meeting, please also bring with you any evaluations or reports that would assist me in evaluating your child. Examples would include:

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Multi-Factored Evaluations (MFE)

Testing by a School Psychologist or Private Psychologist

Speech Therapy Reports

Occupational or Physical Therapy Reports

A Recent Eye Examination

evaluations and reports
evaluations and reports

First Appointment Talking Points

I tell most kids that I am a talking doctor that helps families with big feelings. I tell parents to tell their kids the same thing. I want the kids to check and see how they feel about coming in. It’s normal to be nervous, hesitant, curious, or even annoyed. There’s room here for it all.

I’ve found that kids relax when they are given some encouragement to check it out, to see what they think and feel. Using that approach has been very successful over the years. Kids are usually pretty willing to come back when their autonomy is respected, when they have a say in therapy, and are allowed a period of time to evaluate me and the room.

Adolescents also appreciate the chance to “audition” their therapist, to see how it feels and to learn how therapy works. That opportunity allows things to move at their pace and opens the door for connection and growth for them and their families.

When there is conflict between teens and their parents, sometimes I play the middle, kind of like a sports agent between management and the player. I try to get “the best deal” for my client and help them to “play well” to help their negotiation process.

first appointment talking points
first appointment talking points